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Legal Separation Lawyer in Santa RosaDivorce is not the only means of dissolving a marital relationship. In some cases, it may not be an option at all. When this is the case, you can consider legal separation as a way to eventually end your marriage or domestic partnership. Although a lot of people believe that legal separation may be a temporary separation of spouses and divorce a permanent proceeding, this is not true. Legal separation often serves as the basis of a divorce agreement, which makes it critical to ensure terms reached in a separation are in your best interests. If you are not satisfied with your marriage but do not want to completely terminate it with a divorce, seeking legal separation through our Santa Rosa legal separation lawyer at Conway Law Trial Attorneys might be a good alternative for you and your spouse. Through legal separation, spouses can live without each other and divide their assets without having to end their relationship completely.

What Is Meant By A Legal Separation?

Legal separation allows you to live apart from your spouse if that is the best decision for your circumstances. When you begin the legal separation process, you and your spouse will need to divide your finances, assets, and debts. You may also need to decide on spousal support. This process will involve dividing your debts and property so that you are no longer responsible for them. It is important to note that legal separation does not cancel health or life insurance policies. This option may be suitable for couples who do not want to end their marriage, but who want to separate their tax and legal responsibilities.

Legal Separation Is Not A Divorce

It must be noted that a legal separation is not the same as a divorce. A legal separation means that you’re staying apart from your partner, but you are still married to them. Yes, you’re still married until you file for divorce and get an official divorce decree from a judge.

If you later decide to officially end the marriage with divorce, the process will be much easier. You can go for an amended petition to request the court for a divorce. At that point, however, you will have to meet the state’s residency requirements. If you and your partner are seeking a legal separation, you do not have to worry about meeting California’s residency requirement.

No Residency Requirement

Legal separation is not like divorce, where one has to fulfill the six-month residency requirement to end the marriage. A couple can file for legal separation in California even if one of the spouses lives in California. However, the rules for same-sex marriages are different from opposite-sex marriages. Furthermore, couples who registered their marriage in California do not need to fulfill residency requirements for getting a divorce. However, those who registered their marriage in some other state will have to fulfill the requirements for residency to obtain a divorce in California. In situations where the couple is unable to meet these requirements, then they can file for a legal separation. When they meet the requirements, then they can opt for a complete dissolution of the marriage. A divorce can be obtained later through an amended petition. In this way, legal separation is quite beneficial for both parties.

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