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Spousal Support Santa Rosa Divorce LawyerMaking sacrifices in marriages has always been common. Why is that so? Couples genuinely believe that making these sacrifices will benefit their wedding for a long time. They believe that these sacrifices and compromises will make their marriage strong. Similarly, spousal support is what will help in making post-divorce easier and fair for both parties. If you are facing a divorce currently, then you must be concerned about spousal support as well. Either it would be about obtaining spousal support or wanting to avoid it. You must be thinking about establishing your right to spousal support or how much of it you have to pay to the other party. This is where our Santa Rosa spousal support lawyer at Conway Law Trial Attorneys can help you in reaching your divorce settlement.

Understanding Spousal Support

Spousal support is the support obligation one spouse may have to the other after a marriage ends. Spousal support does not work like child support as there is no entitlement guaranteed for receiving spousal support. The legal requirements for receiving spousal support are very different from obtaining child support.

Why is spousal support important? Spousal support is incredibly crucial for the lower-earning spouse in being able to be able to support themselves financially after their marriage ends. Depending on how long their marriage existed, the lower-earning spouse may or may not have the right to receive spousal support after the marriage comes to an end.

In California, there is a certain formula and guidelines that are used to determine whether child support is to be given and what amount of it should be given. However, when it comes to spousal support, the courts of California have not come up with any strict formula for calculating how much spousal support should be paid as every marriage and divorce is unique. This is where our family law attorneys will come in handy. They have a wide experience in dealing with clients having complex spousal support issues.

Various Types Of Spousal Supports

There are different types of spousal support, which the court orders depending on the needs of the parties and the couple’s situation.

Temporary Spousal Support

This kind of spousal support is ideal for supporting a spouse who is either currently unemployed or earning less than the other spouse during the marriage.

Permanent Spousal Support

This spousal support is given for an indefinite period and terminated when the receiving spouse either gets remarried or passes away.

Rehabilitative Spousal Support

These payments will be made until the spouse can support himself or herself again.

Modifying Spousal Support

The laws regarding spousal support are difficult to comprehend, which is why it gets complex to understand what option one should go along with. The amount of spousal support can be changed depending on different factors such as the age of the couple, duration of their marriage, whether they have any children or not, etc.

If you believe you are paying too much or receiving too little in spousal support, it can be helpful to work with a skilled Santa Rosa spousal support lawyer. They can help you seek an increase in spousal support, as well as identify strategies for getting your spouse or ex-spouse back to work in order to reduce or eliminate your support obligation. It is common for spousal support agreements to be modified as circumstances change over time. However, it is important to note that the court can be strict when it comes to increasing or decreasing the amount of spousal support.

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